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NuImagePro’s Skylift by KSF is a multi-purpose portable electric awning lifter that provides extra help when lifting your awnings, screens,air conditioning units or other products to a specific height and can hold up to 300 lbs. Using the CM340 model (FG340), you can go from 37 inches to 11 feet high, while the CM520 (FG520) goes from 41 inches to 16 feet high

Skylift multi-purpose portable electric lift by KSF - NuImage Awnings

Skylift offers two ways of raising and lowering your project:
Remote control handle with variable lifting speed
2. The override crank

With a solid telescopic mast made out of aluminum alloy that has a built-in level to ensure stability in all situations, the Skylift is also equipped with retractable legs to allow positioning against a wall. These four adjustable legs make sure your Skylift is level regardles of the surface. 


    • Added safety for the installer
    • One person operation
    • Sets up in less than one minute without tools
    • Saves one person on the job
    • Cuts installation time
    • Loads and unloads vehicles
    • Skylift can help you install: Retractable Awnings, Fixed Awnings, Rolling Shutters, Garage Doors, Advertising signs, Air conditioning units and more ...