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Motors and controls can seem overwhelming to try and fix when there is a problem.   The key like any problem is to isolate the issue and then carefully test each component independently.  A very common cause of a motor suddenly not working is a tripped GFCI ground fault outlet or circuit breaker. VIP Note:(Motors have thermal overload protectors in them which will cause the motor to shutdown if it is cycled more than a few times.  If this occurs, let it sit for 20-30 minutes to cool and then try again.)

First you need to know whether the motor is a 4 wire hardwired model or 3 wire remote control.

If the motor is 4 wire, then disconnect it from any controls or sensors and use a Somfy test switch to determined if it is operating normally and if needed you can set the limit switches that control the automatic outward and inward stops. The following links explain how to set the Somfy and Simu override motor limits.  Somfy LT50/60 motors, Simu DMI override motor.   If you determine if the motor is OK, then move on to each accessory hooking then up and testing one at a time remembering that the problem could be with the wire itself.

If the motor is 3 wire remote control then the trouble shooting can be a little trickier due to the fact any accessory is linked to the motor via radio signal instead of a wire. (Note:3 wire remote control motors can ONLY be operated and controlled with a wireless transmitter, wall switch or sensor.  Integration to automation systems is possible through an interface controller.)  If a remote motor is acting improperly such as intermittent or random operation, then it is usually best to reset the motor to factory mode and begin the reprogramming from scratch.  This usually solves interference problems caused by other radio sources such as garage door openers etc. Resetting a remote control motor that has an manual override shaft will not erase or reset the inward and outward limits,  However on most non manualovveride motors, this reset will require resetting the limits as well.  Reset instructions to follow.  Somfy RTS CMO, Somfy RTS non CMO, Simu DMI HZ   Once the motor has been reset, then add any accessories such as wind and sun sensors or automation interfaces one at a time to be sure each is functioning correctly.