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Somfy Automation Interface

July 28, 2008, by Ed Keough in Motors And Controls

Somfy Home and Building Automation Interfacing:
Interfacing with automation systems is easy and can be accomplished with all Somfy motors.
All RTS motors require a go between control in order to make this happen. Standard motors can usually be wired direct to the automation system dry contact board but it's always recommended to have a Somfy control in between for protection. Listed below are the Somfy control options for the type of motor being used.

Golf Ball Effect on Fabric

July 7, 2008, by Ed Keough in General

Motor Troubleshooting

July 1, 2008, by Ed Keough in Motors And Controls

Motors and controls can seem overwhelming to try and fix when there is a problem.   The key like any problem is to isolate the issue and then carefully test each component independently.  A very common cause of a motor suddenly not working is a tripped GFCI ground fault outlet or circuit breaker. VIP Note:(Motors have thermal overload protectors in them which will cause the motor to shutdown if it is cycled more than a few times.  If this occurs, let it sit for 20-30 minutes to cool and then try again.)